In the PFERDACADEMY, we provide advisors and users with highly specialized and practical knowledge from the world of grinding and cutting. It is comprised of the areas training/workshop, e-learning and digital learning and the PFERDTOOL-MOBIL (PTM).

The PFERDACADEMY is responsible for consulting and application expertise when it comes to the entire PFERD product range. A focus is placed on analyzing the individual requirements of the users in order to find the best possible tool solution together.


We can help you with all your questions about training courses/workshops or the PFERDTOOL-MOBIL, and will find the right solution for you.

Training courses and workshops

(In our company or on-site at your company)

Learn from the best! Here you can find an overview of the current training courses and workshops, as well as the corresponding registration forms.

Digital learning

(Online-Training and E-Learning)

Benefit from our PFERD expertise at a convenient time for you and find out more about our e-learning courses.


The PFERDTOOL-MOBIL is the mobile PFERD workshop for on-site tool consultation and demonstration.



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