Cut-off wheels, flap discs and grinding wheels

For cutting, grinding and roughing tasks, the PFERD product range includes cut-off wheels, flap discs and grinding wheels in three grades of quality – from the Universal Line’s introductory range to the high-performance tools of the Performance Line, right through to the Special Line for very specific applications and ultimate economic efficiency.

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Thin cut-off wheels

The perfect tool for any application. Workers all over the world Trust Blue and choose the thin cut-off wheels from PFERD.


The DUODISC combination wheel is the solution for safe cutting and grinding with just one tool.

POLIFAN flap discs

POLIFAN flap discs offer the user advantages over grinding wheels wherever a high surface quality is required along with the maximum stock removal rate.


CC-GRIND grinding discs

Compared with conventional grinding wheels, CC-GRIND grinding discs have improved ergonomics and a much better stock removal rate.


The roughing and cut-off wheels with ceramic oxide grain set themselves apart through high-speed work progress and excellent tool life.



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