ALUMASTER High Speed Disc


  • Does not generate hazardous or explosive dust.
  • An extraction system is not required.
  • Cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to grinding wheels and flap discs of comparable weight.
  • Innovative and robust cut geometry:
    • The highest degree of safety
    • Extreme durability
    • Comfortable work
  • Specially developed, turnable and replaceable tungsten carbide cutting inserts.
  • Exceptionally high stock removal rate.

Materials that can be worked:

  • Aluminium alloys
  • Brass, copper, zinc
  • Bronze
  • Plastics
  • Fibre-reinforced duroplastics (GRP, CRP)


  • Shipbuilding and yacht construction
  • Wagon construction
  • Silo and container construction
  • Vehicle construction


PFERD also offers the cutting inserts with a premium-quality HICOAT coating for lubricated aluminium casting alloys with a silicon content of 5–10 %, abrasive cast aluminium alloys with a silicon content of over 15 % and for other abrasive materials or non-ferrous metals. This prevents tool clogging and abrasive wear, even in use on these particularly demanding materials.


  • Extremely hard
  • Very low friction coefficient
  • Very low tendency towards adhesion
  • Improved surface quality
  • Reduced burr formation

Materials that can be worked:

  • Lubricating aluminium casting alloys with silicon contents of 5-10 %
  • Sticky, greasy materials
  • Abrasive aluminium casting alloys with silicon contents of > 15 %
  • Abrasive materials such as fibre-reinforced plastics (FRP)
  • Non-ferrous alloys of higher strength than aluminium (bronze, brass, etc.)

High Speed Torus Cutter

The High Speed Torus Cutter is an unparalleled tool for use on robots with an extremely high stock removal rate. Unlike grinding tools, the cutter does not generate hazardous or explosive dust, making it ideal for a variety of applications on aluminium materials. Thanks to its small design, the High Speed Torus Cutter is the ideal tool for work on hard-to-reach places such as grooves, pockets and narrow radii and contours.

The cutter perfectly complements the ALUMASTER High Speed Disc in the HSD-R 50 version and burrs with the ALU cut.



The ALUMASTER products

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