N! New in 2022

Product news - 18.03.2022

N! New in 2022

PFERD presents new products and additions to its range for 2022. Customers can look forward to increased performance, more stock removal, perfect work results and much more!

Alongside unique tools for stationary applications, PFERD’s new products this year include numerous new tool solutions for working on surfaces, such as POLIFAN flap discs, COMBICLICK fibre discs and burrs. There are around 200 new items, which also include tools for cutting materials, such as the PSF HD STEELOX cut-off wheel for tough applications and improved cutting behaviour, as well as comprehensive upgrades to the tool drives.

PFERD’s new products at a glance:

  • High Speed Torus Cutter
  • Conical countersinks with unequal pitch (UGT)
  • Small burrs with ALLROUND cut, 3-piece sets
  • Short and long abrasive belts, VICTOGRAIN-COOL
  • PSF HD STEELOX cut-off wheel
  • POLIFAN-POWER, grit size 50
  • Tool drives and accessories

You can find an overview of all our new products and the ‘New additions to the PFERD product range’ brochure for download here.

Better PFERD

Product management is continually developing the PFERD range in line with market requirements. The findings from our internal research and development, as well as from day-to-day practice on site with our customers, contribute to the development of each individual PFERD tool. In the process, PFERD tools are developed, manufactured and tested in accordance with the strictest quality requirements.

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